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14-Aug-2020Diagnostic Performance of Delirium Assessment Tools in Critically Ill Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisHo MH; Montgomery A; Traynor V; Chang CC; Kuo KN; Chang HR; Chen KH.-- 
14-Aug-2020Distribution of Particles in Human Stem Cell-Derived 3D Neuronal Cell Models: Effect of Particle Size, Charge, and DensityCzuba-Wojnilowicz E; Miellet S; Glab A; Viventi S; Cavalieri F; Cortez-Jugo C; Dottori M; Caruso F.-- 
10-Aug-2020Multi-disciplinary and pharmacological interventions to reduce post-operative delirium in elderly patients: A systematic review and meta-analysisIgwe EO; Nealon J; Mohammed M; Hickey B; Chou KR; Chen JK; Traynor V.-- 
9-Aug-20203D Printing of Cytocompatible Graphene/Alginate Scaffolds for Mimetic Tissue ConstructsLi J; Liu X; Crook JM; Wallace GG.-- 
7-Aug-2020Framing effects in risk communication messages - Hazard identification vs. risk assessmentFreudenstein F; Croft RJ; Wiedemann PM; Verrender A; B hmert C; Loughran SP.-- 
6-Aug-2020Comparison of peripheral blood mononuclear cell isolation techniques and the impact of cryopreservation on human lymphocytes expressing CD39 and CD73Turner RJ; Geraghty NJ; Williams JG; Ly D; Brungs D; Carolan MG; Guy TV; Watson D; de Leon JF; Sluyter R.; Brungs, Daniel; Carolan, Martin G; Guy, Thomas-- 
5-Aug-2020A method for high-content functional imaging of intracellular calcium responses in gelatin-immobilized non-adherent cellsRitter P; Bye LJ; Finol-Urdaneta RK; Lesko C; Adams DJ; Friedrich O; Gilbert DF.-- 
4-Aug-2020Telomere length varies substantially between blood cell types in a reptileOlsson M; Geraghty NJ; Wapstra E; Wilson M.; Wilson, Mark-- 
2-Aug-2020Open-label, multicentre, single-arm trial of monthly injections of depot buprenorphine in people with opioid dependence: protocol for the CoLAB studyLarance B; Byrne M; Lintzeris N; Nielsen S; Grebely J; Degenhardt L; Shahbazi J; Shanahan M; Lancaster K; Dore G; Ali R; Farrell M; CoLAB study team.-- 
1-Aug-2020The Get-Up! study: adiposity and blood pressure in Australian toddlersSousa-S E; Zhang Z; Pereira JR; Veldman SLC; Okely AD; Santos R.--