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4-Mar-2021Does electronic medical record redesign increase screening of risk for pressure injury, falls and substance use in the Emergency Department? An implementation evaluationCurtis K; Qian S; Yu P; White J; Ruperto K; Balzer S; Munroe B; Curtis Kate; Ruperto Kate; Balzer Sharyn; Munroe Belinda-- 
1-Mar-2021Food anthocyanins decrease concentrations of TNF-α in older adults with mild cognitive impairment: A randomized, controlled, double blind clinical trialdo Rosario VA; Fitzgerald Z; Broyd S; Paterson A; Roodenrys S; Thomas S; Bliokas V; Potter J; Walton K; Weston-Green K; Yousefi M; Williams D; Wright IMR; Charlton K.; Fitzgerald Zoe; Broyd Samantha; Paterson Amelia; Potter Jan-- 
1-Mar-2021Effect of liraglutide on neural and peripheral markers of metabolic function during antipsychotic treatment in ratsBabic I; Sellers D; Else PL; Nealon J; Osborne AL; Pai N; Weston-Green K; Babic Ilijana; Pai Nagesh; Weston-Green Katrina-- 
1-Mar-2021Does Motion Management Technique for Lung SBRT Influence Local Control? A Single Institutional Experience Comparing Abdominal Compression to Breath-Hold TechniqueGandhidasan S; Woody NM; Stephans KL; Videtic GMM; Gandhidasan Senthikumar-- 
1-Mar-2021Associations Among Plant-Based Diet Quality, Uremic Toxins, and Gut Microbiota Profile in Adults Undergoing Hemodialysis TherapyStanford J; Charlton K; Stefoska-Needham A; Zheng H; Bird L; Borst A; Fuller A; Lambert K.; Bird Luke-- 
1-Mar-2021Peritoneal dialysis-related peritonitis as a risk factor for cardiovascular eventsHepburn KS; Lambert K; Mullan J; McAlister B; Lonergan M; Cheikh Hassan HI; Hepburn Kirsten S; Mullan Judy; McAlister Brendan; Lonergan Maureen; Cheikh Hassan Hassan-- 
1-Mar-2021Current Treatment Approaches and Outcomes in the Management of Rectal Cancer Above the Age of 80Mourad AP; De Robles MS; Putnis S; Winn RDR.; Mourad Ali P; De Robles Marie Shella; Putnis Soni; Winn Robert DR-- 
1-Mar-2021Duodenal diverticulum at the site of the major papilla may be a risk factor for biliary stent migrationMorosin T; De Robles MS,; Still A; Morosin Tia; De Robles M Shella; Still Andrew-- 
1-Mar-2021Identifying return visits to the Emergency Department: A multi-centre studyHutchinson CL; Curtis K; McCloughen A; Qian S; Yu P; Fethney J; Curtis Kate-- 
1-Mar-2021Retrieval transfusion protocol in New South Wales, Australia: A retrospective review of the first 5 yearsShand S; Curtis K; Dinh M; Burns B; Curtis Kate--