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PreviewDate PublishedTitle / NameAuthor(s)AreaStatus
31-May-2020MR-guided proton therapy: a review and a previewHoffmann A; Oborn B; Moteabbed M; Yan S; Bortfeld T; Knopf A; Fuchs H; Georg D; Seco J; Spadea MF; J kel O; Kurz C; Parodi K.; Oborn, Bradley-- 
23-May-2020Evaluation of the PTW microDiamond in edge-on orientation for dosimetry in small fieldsBrace OJ; Alhujaili SF; Paino JR; Butler DJ; Wilkinson D; Oborn BM; Rosenfeld AB; Lerch MLF; Petasecca M; Davis JA.; Wilkinson, Dean; Oborn, Bradley-- 
10-Jan-2020High resolution silicon array detector implementation in an inline MRI-linacAlnaghy SJ; Causer T; Roberts N; Oborn B; Jelen U; Dong B; Gargett M; Begg J; Liney G; Petasecca M; Rosenfeld AB; Holloway L; Metcalfe P.; Causer, Trent; Oborn, Bradley; Holloway, Lois-- 
22-Oct-2019Experimental characterization of magnetically focused electron contamination at the surface of a high-field inline MRI-linacRoberts NF; Patterson E; Jelen U; Causer T; Holloway L; Liney G; Lerch M; Rosenfeld AB; Cutajar D; Oborn BM; Metcalfe P.; Causer, Trent; Holloway, Lois; Oborn, Bradley-- 
18-Oct-2019First application of a high-resolution silicon detector for proton beam Bragg peak detection in a 0.95 T magnetic fieldCauser TJ; Schellhammer SM; Gantz S; L hr A; Hoffmann AL; Metcalfe PE; Rosenfeld AB; Guatelli S; Petasecca M; Oborn BM.; Oborn, Bradley-- 
28-Jun-2019A feasibility study for high-resolution silicon array detector performance in the magnetic field of a permanent magnet systemAlnaghy SJ; Causer T; Gargett M; Roberts N; Petasecca M; Oborn BM; Rosenfeld AB; Holloway L; Metcalfe P.; Causer, Trent; Oborn, Bradley; Holloway, Lois-- 
10-Sep-2018MRI-Linear Accelerator Radiotherapy SystemsLiney GP; Whelan B; Oborn B; Barton M; Keall P.; Oborn, Bradley-- 
16-May-2018Technical Note: Experimental verification of magnetic field-induced beam deflection and Bragg peak displacement for MR-integrated proton therapySchellhammer SM; Gantz S; L hr A; Oborn BM; Bussmann M; Hoffmann AL.; Oborn, Bradley-- 
8-Oct-2017Experimental verification of dose enhancement effects in a lung phantom from inline magnetic fieldsOborn BM; Gargett MA; Causer TJ; Alnaghy SJ; Hardcastle N; Metcalfe PE; Keall PJ.; Causer, Trent; Oborn, Bradley-- 
12-Jul-2017Development of a silicon diode detector for skin dosimetry in radiotherapyVicoroski N; Espinoza A; Duncan M; Oborn BM; Carolan M; Metcalfe P; Menichelli D; Perevertaylo VL; Lerch MLF; Rosenfeld AB; Petasecca M.; Oborn, Bradley; Carolan, Martin G--