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17-Feb-2021Australia IBD Microbiome (AIM) Study: protocol for a multicentre longitudinal prospective cohort studyWilliams AJ; Paramsothy R; Wu N; Ghaly S; Leach S; Paramsothy S; Corte C; O'Brien C; Burke C; Wark G; Samocha-Bonet D; Lambert K; Ahlenstiel G; Wasinger V; Dutt S; Pavli P; Grimm M; Lemberg D; Connor S; Leong R; Hold G.; Lambert, Kelly-- 
1-Feb-2021The potential effects of climate change on the prevalence of gestational diabetes are less apparent with different diagnostic criteriaVan Gemert TE; Moses RG; Lambert K.; Van Gemert, Tegan E; Moses, Robert G; Lambert, Kelly-- 
28-Sep-2020Associations Among Plant-Based Diet Quality, Uremic Toxins, and Gut Microbiota Profile in Adults Undergoing Hemodialysis TherapyStanford J; Charlton K; Stefoska-Needham A; Zheng H; Bird L; Borst A; Fuller A; Lambert K.; Bird, Luke; Fuller, Andrew; Lambert, Kelly-- 
1-Sep-2020Safety and Efficacy of Using Nuts to Improve Bowel Health in Hemodialysis PatientsLambert K; Bird L; Borst AC; Fuller A; Wang Y; Rogers GB; Stanford J; Sanderson-Smith ML; Williams JG; McWhinney BC; Neale EP; Probst Y; Lonergan M.; Lambert, Kelly; Bird, Luke; Lonergan, Maureen-- 
28-Jul-2020The effect of nut consumption (tree nuts and peanuts) on the gut microbiota of humans: a systematic reviewFitzgerald E; Lambert K; Stanford J; Neale EP.; Lambert, Kelly-- 
17-Jun-2020Factors associated with utilisation of health care interpreting services and the impact on length of stay and cost: A retrospective cohort analysis of audit dataMorris D; Lambert K; Vellar L; Mastroianni F; Krizanac J; Lago L; Mullan J.; Lambert, Kelly; Vellar, Lucia; Mastroianni, Fiorina; Krizanac, Josipa-- 
7-Jun-2020The gut microbiota profile of adults with kidney disease and kidney stones: a systematic review of the literatureStanford J; Charlton K; Stefoska-Needham A; Ibrahim R; Lambert K.; Lambert, Kelly; Charlton, Karen-- 
30-Mar-2020How frequently are patients weighed in hospital ? Results from a five-year cross-sectional audit of clinical practice in nine hospitalsLambert K; Ferguson A; Meletis M; Charlton K.; Lambert, Kelly; Charlton, Karen; Ferguson, Allison-- 
23-Mar-2020Does a renal diet question prompt sheet increase the patient centeredness of renal dietitian outpatient consultations?Lambert K; Lau TK; Davison S; Mitchell H; Harman A; Carrie M.; Harman, Alexandra; Lambert, Kelly; Davison, Sarah; Mitchell, Holly; Carrie, Mandy-- 
13-Mar-2020Barriers and enablers to detection and management of chronic kidney disease in primary healthcare: a systematic reviewNeale EP; Middleton J; Lambert K.; Lambert, Kelly--