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30-Jul-2020Thulium oxide nanoparticles as radioenhancers for the treatment of metastatic cutaneous squamous cell carcinomaPerry JR; Minaei E; Engels E; Ashford B; McAlary L; Clark J; Gupta R; Tehei M; Corde S; Carolan M; Ranson M.; Carolan, Martin G; Ashford, Bruce-- 
6-Nov-2019Chimeric Vastus Lateralis and Anterolateral Thigh Flap for Restoring Facial Defects and Dynamic Function following Radical ParotidectomyHasmat S; Low TH; Krishnan A; Coulson S; Ch'ng S; Ashford BG; Croxson G; Clark JR.; Ashford, Bruce-- 
5-Oct-2019Sentinel Node Biopsy in 105 High-Risk Cutaneous SCCs of the Head and Neck: Results of a Multicenter Prospective StudyMooney CP; Martin RCW; Dirven R; Ashford BG; Shannon K; Palme CE; Ngo Q; Wykes J; Davies S; Gao K; Ch'ng S; Low TH; Gupta R; Clark JR.; Ashford, Bruce-- 
27-Jan-2019Mutational Patterns in Metastatic Cutaneous Squamous Cell CarcinomaMueller SA; Gauthier MA; Ashford B; Gupta R; Gayevskiy V; Ch'ng S; Palme CE; Shannon K; Clark JR; Ranson M; Cowley MJ.; Ashford, Bruce-- 
18-Sep-2018Prognostic implications of the 8th edition American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) staging system in oral cavity squamous cell carcinomaMoeckelmann N; Ebrahimi A; Tou YK; Gupta R; Low TH; Ashford B; Ch'ng S; Palme CE; Clark JR.; Ashford, Bruce-- 
19-Mar-2018Metastases to the parotid gland - A review of the clinicopathological evolution, molecular mechanisms and managementBadlani J; Gupta R; Smith J; Ashford B; Ch'ng S; Veness M; Clark J.; Ashford, Bruce-- 
18-Nov-2017Supraclavicular flap repair in the free flap eraTrautman J; Gore S; Potter M; Clark J; Hyam D; Tan NC; Ngo Q; Ashford B.; Trautman, Jodie; Ashford, Bruce-- 
7-Oct-2017Analysis of clinically relevant somatic mutations in high-risk head and neck cutaneous squamous cell carcinomaZilberg C; Lee MW; Yu B; Ashford B; Kraitsek S; Ranson M; Shannon K; Cowley M; Iyer NG; Palme CE; Ch'ng S; Low TH; O'Toole S; Clark JR; Gupta R.; Ashford, Bruce-- 
2-Jul-2017PD-L1 expression predicts longer disease free survival in high risk head and neck cutaneous squamous cell carcinomaRoper E; Lum T; Palme CE; Ashford B; Ch'ng S; Ranson M; Boyer M; Clark J; Gupta R.; Ashford, Bruce-- 
1-Jul-2017p16 expression in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck is not associated with integration of high risk HPV DNA or prognosisSatgunaseelan L; Chia N; Suh H; Virk S; Ashford B; Lum T; Ranson M; Clark J; Gupta R.; Ashford, Bruce--