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31-Dec-2019What are we asking for when requesting Specialling for the confused hospitalised older person? A concept analysisCoyle MA; Wilson V; Lapkin S; Traynor V.; Wilson, Valerie-- 
28-Dec-2019Better Health Choices: Feasability and preliminary effectiveness of a peer delivered healthy lifestyle intervention in a community mental health settingKelly PJ; Baker AL; Fagan NL; Turner A; Deane F; McKetin R; Callister R; Collins C; Ingram I; Wolstencroft K; Townsend C; Osborne BA; Zimmermann A.-- 
28-Dec-2019Atraumatic splenic rupture after cocaine use and acute Epstein-Barr virus infection: A case report and review of literatureKwok AMF.; Kwok, Allan Mun Fai-- 
28-Dec-2019Diagnostic test accuracy meta-analysis of PRE-DELIRIC (PREdiction of DELIRium in ICu patients): A delirium prediction model in intensive care practiceHo MH; Chen KH; Montayre J; Liu MF; Chang CC; Traynor V; Shen Hsiao ST; Chang HR; Chiu HY.-- 
28-Dec-2019Risperidone stimulates food intake and induces body weight gain via the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus 5-HT2c receptor-NPY pathwayWan XQ; Zeng F; Huang XF; Yang HQ; Wang L; Shi YC; Zhang ZH; Lin S.-- 
28-Dec-2019Structural basis of the potency and selectivity of Urotoxin, a potent Kv1 blocker from scorpion venomLuna-Ramirez K; Csoti A; McArthur JR; Chin YKY; Anangi R; Najera RDC; Possani LD; King GF; Panyi G; Yu H; Adams DJ; Finol-Urdaneta RK.-- 
27-Dec-2019Fulditoxin, representing a new class of dimeric snake toxins, defines novel pharmacology at nicotinic ACh receptorsFoo CS; Jobichen C; Hassan-Puttaswamy V; Dekan Z; Tae HS; Bertrand D; Adams DJ; Alewood PF; Sivaraman J; Nirthanan S; Kini RM.-- 
27-Dec-2019Substance Use and Co-occurring Physical Health Problems: File Review of a Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment ServiceOsborne B; Kelly PJ; Larance B; Robinson LD; Ivers R; Deane FP; Webber A; Kelly D.; Deane, Frank P-- 
26-Dec-2019Complaint risk among mental health practitioners compared with physical health practitioners: a retrospective cohort study of complaints to health regulators in AustraliaVeness BG; Tibble H; Grenyer BF; Morris JM; Spittal MJ; Nash L; Studdert DM; Bismark MM.-- 
20-Dec-2019Exploring perceptions, barriers and use of systematic reviews amongst nutrition professionals and nutrition studentsGooding B; Probst Y; Houston L; Neale E.--