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14-Aug-2017Novel Oral Anticoagulants in Direct Current Cardioversion for Atrial FibrillationFemia G; Fetahovic T; Shetty P; Lee A.; Lee, Astin; Shetty, Pratap; Femia, Giuseppe; Fetahovic, Taufik--
1-Jan-2021Relation of Body Mass Index to Outcomes in Acute Coronary SyndromeRatwatte S; Hyun K; D'Souza M; Barraclough J; Chew DP; Shetty P; Patel S; Amos D; Brieger D; CONCORDANCE Registry Investigators.; Patel, Sanjay--
26-Oct-2017Socioeconomic Equity in the Receipt of In-Hospital Care and Outcomes in Australian Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients: The CONCORDANCE RegistryHyun K; Redfern J; Woodward M; D'Souza M; Shetty P; Chew D; Kangaharan N; Farshid A; Alford K; Briffa T; Brieger D.; Shetty, Pratap; Wijesinghe, Kishan--
29-Jan-2018TEXT messages to improve MEDication adherence and Secondary prevention (TEXTMEDS) after acute coronary syndrome: a randomised clinical trial protocolChow CK; Thiagalingam A; Santo K; Kok C; Thakkar J; Stepien S; Billot L; Jan S; Joshi R; Hillis GS; Brieger D; Chew DP; R dholm K; Atherton JJ; Bhindi R; Collins N; Coverdale S; Hamilton-Craig C; Kangaharan N; Maiorana A; McGrady M; Shetty P; Thompson P; Rogers A; Redfern J.; Shetty, Pratap--
14-Feb-2018Use of clinical risk stratification in non-ST elevation acute coronary syndromes: an analysis from the CONCORDANCE registryBing R; Goodman SG; Yan AT; Fox K; Gale CP; Hyun K; D'Souza M; Shetty P; Atherton J; Hammett C; Chew D; Brieger D.; Shetty, Pratap--