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14-Feb-2021Cemiplimab monotherapy for first-line treatment of advanced non-small-cell lung cancer with PD-L1 of at least 50%: a multicentreSezer A; Kilickap S; Gümüş M; Bondarenko I; Özgüroğlu M; Gogishvili M; Turk HM; Cicin I; Bentsion D; Gladkov O; Clingan P; Sriuranpong V; Rizvi N; Gao B; Li S; Lee S; McGuire K; Chen CI; Makharadze T; Paydas S; Nechaeva M; Seebach F; Weinreich DM; Yancopoulos GD; Gullo G; Lowy I; Rietschel P.; Clingan, Philip--
1-Apr-2006Comparative effectiveness of 5-fluorouracil with and without oxaliplatin in the treatment of colorectal cancer in clinical practiceHealey E; Stillfried GE; Eckermann S; Dawber JP; Clingan PR; Ranson M.; Healey, Emma; Clingan, Philip; Rachakonda, K S--
8-Mar-2019First-in-human phase I study of infusional and bolus schedules of Deflexifol, a novel 5-fluorouracil and leucovorin formulation, after failure of standard treatmentClingan PR; Ackland SP; Brungs D; de Souza P; Aghmesheh M; Garg MB; Ranson RD; Parker S; Jokela R; Ranson M.; Clingan, Philip--
1-Oct-2010Preclinical evaluation of novel, all-in-one formulations of 5-fluorouracil and folinic acid with reduced toxicity profilesStutchbury TK; Vine KL; Locke JM; Chrisp JS; Bremner JB; Clingan PR; Ranson M.; Clingan, Philip--
5-Jun-2018Safety and Efficacy of Oxaliplatin Doublet Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Elderly Patients With Stage III Colon CancerBrungs D; Aghmesheh M; de Souza P; Carolan M; Clingan P; Rose J; Ranson M.; Brungs, Daniel; Aghmesheh, Morteza; Carolan, Martin G; Clingan, Philip; Rose, June--
10-Apr-2017Sidedness is prognostic in locoregional colon cancer: an analysis of 9509 Australian patientsBrungs D; Aghmesheh M; de Souza P; Ng W; Chua W; Carolan M; Clingan P; Healey E; Rose J; Tubaro T; Ranson M.; Brungs, Daniel; Aghmesheh, Morteza; Carolan, Martin G; Healey, Emma; Clingan, Philip; Rose, June; Tubaro, Tameika--
25-Mar-2016The Impact of Mismatch Repair Status in Colorectal Cancer on the Decision to Treat With Adjuvant Chemotherapy: An Australian Population-Based Multicenter StudyHe EY; Hawkins NJ; Mak G; Roncolato F; Goldstein D; Liauw W; Clingan P; Chin M; Ward RL.; Clingan, Philip--