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28-Dec-2020Low-Dose Pre-Operative Botulinum Toxin A Effectively Facilitates Complex Ventral Hernia Repair: A Case Report and Review of the LiteratureMourad AP; De Robles MS; Winn RD. 
1-Dec-2020Effectiveness and acceptability of a text message intervention (DTEXT) on HbA1c and self-management for people with type 2 diabetes. A randomized controlled trialWaller K; Furber S; Bauman A; Allman-Farinelli M; van den Dolder P; Hayes A; Facci F; Franco L; Webb A; Moses R; Cook R; Gugusheff J; Owen K; Colagiuri S. 
1-Dec-2020Factors influencing recurrence of stage I-III rectal cancer in regional AustraliaHaggstrom L; Kang S; Winn R; Putnis S; Nasser E; Chen J; Aghmesheh M; Brungs D. 
1-Dec-2020Trend in data errors after the implementation of an electronic medical record system: A longitudinal study in an Australian regional Drug and Alcohol ServiceQian S; Munyisia E; Reid D; Hailey D; Pados J; Yu P. 
1-Dec-2020Insight in substance use disorder: A systematic review of the literatureRaftery D; Kelly PJ; Deane FP; Baker AL; Ingram I; Goh MCW; Lubman DI; Carter G; Turner A; Dean OM; Sinclair BL; McKetin R. 
1-Dec-2020Transcranial Doppler-derived indices of cerebrovascular haemodynamics are independent of depth and angle of insonationHeckelmann M; Shivapathasundram G; Cardim D; Smielewski P; Czosnyka M; Gaio R; Sheridan MMP; Jaeger M. 
1-Dec-2020Exploring the use of ageing simulation to enable nurses to gain insight into what it is like to be an older personBowden A; Wilson V; Traynor V; Chang HR. 
1-Dec-2020eXaSkin: A novel high-density bolus for 6MV X-rays radiotherapyAl-Sudani TA; Biasi G; Wilkinson D; Davis JA; Kearnan R; Matar FS; Cutajar DL; Metcalfe P; Rosenfeld AB. 
1-Dec-2020Oxygen: under or over a surgical facemask for COVID-19 patients?Binks AC; Parkinson SM; Sabbouh V. 
1-Dec-2020Surgical management of obstructive sleep apnoea: A position statement of the Australasian Sleep Association()MacKay SG; Lewis R; McEvoy D; Joosten S; Holt NR.