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20-May-2020The Relationship Between Green Space and Prosocial Behaviour Among Children and Adolescents: A Systematic ReviewPutra IGNE; Astell-Burt T; Cliff DP; Vella SA; John EE; Feng X. 
6-Jul-2019Does and a healthier lifestyle increase mental health resilience to disability acquisition? Group-based discrete trajectory mixture models of pre-post longitudinal dataMehbub Anwar AHM; Astell-Burt T; Feng X. 
25-Jan-2019Can green space quantity and quality help prevent postpartum weight gain? A longitudinal studyFeng X; Astell-Burt T. 
28-Oct-2018Residential green space quantity and quality and symptoms of psychological distress: a 15-year longitudinal study of 3897 women in postpartumFeng X; Astell-Burt T. 
5-Oct-2018Geographic variation in the impact of a type 2 diabetes diagnosis on behavioural change: A longitudinal study using random effects within-between (REWB) modelsAstell-Burt T; Feng X. 
30-Mar-2018Clustering of unhealthy lifestyle behaviours and associations with perceived and actual weight status among primary school children in China: A nationally representative cross-sectional studyZhang J; Feng X; Zhai Y; Li W; Lv YB; Astell-Burt T; Shi X. 
8-Feb-2018Gender Differences in the Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity, Associated Behaviors, and Weight-related Perceptions in a National Survey of Primary School Children in ChinaZhang J; Zhai Y; Feng XQ; Li WR; Lyu YB; Astell-Burt T; Zhao PY; Shi XM. 
13-Dec-2017Regular Physical Activity and Educational Outcomes in Youth: A Longitudinal StudyOwen KB; Parker PD; Astell-Burt T; Lonsdale C. 
7-Dec-2017Geographical variations in hypertension prevalence, awareness, treatment and control in China: findings from a nationwide and provincially representative surveyLi Y; Wang L; Feng X; Zhang M; Huang Z; Deng Q; Zhou M; Astell-Burt T; Wang L. 
3-Sep-2017Residential Green Space Quantity and Quality and Child Well-being: A Longitudinal StudyFeng X; Astell-Burt T.